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The Worst Time to Trade Forex Posted on : diciembre 2, 2015 | post in : Uncategorized |Leave a reply | Forex trading is a lot about timing. Knowing when to trade can have a major effect on the kind of results you’re going to get. Basically, you want to trade when the market is as predictable as it can possibly be so you can continue to work with your current trading method and get the results you want. Many people believe, me included, that the month of December is the worst time of year to trade Forex. And the closer we get to the holidays the worse it gets. Why is that the case? There are several reasons why you may wish to stay away from the market in the month of December: 1. Trading volume is usually down – Many traders, including those who work for institutions, tend to take things easier at the end of the year. More people take vacations, spend more time on their gift shopping and Christmas preparation instead of really taking care of trading, and so on. Some institutions and trading departments may even take few days off as group which is certain to drive down the volume. A lower volume means a less predicatable market. 2. End of the year trading – At the end of each year, institutions and banks want to clear their books. After all, they need to show their shareholders how great they are. This can lead to some pretty creative trading tricks, sometime sacrificing long term gains for short term profits. This may lead to strange and unforseen trading decisions by major firms and banks and may cause surprises in the market. You’d better watch out for it. 3. The natural balance of the market is shifting as the United States, Canade, Europe, and Australia enter the holidays while the rest of the world continues on as they normally do. This means that the market is influenced more by developing nations than by the Western, financial giants (with the exception of Japan). This is yet another distabilizing factor which comes into play in December. All that being said, you can make money in December. Where there’s trading, there are also opportunities. You should make those decisions for yourself. I am only saying that you need to be extra careful when the Holidays are approaching. The market may behave in a whacy sort of way. Reduce your leverage, work with tight stop loss prices, and only go after super-high probability trades.
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