Forex Trading – Get 90 Percent Odds of Success Doing This! Posted on : diciembre 4, 2015 | post in : Uncategorized |Leave a reply | I constantly write about being cautious and realistic about making profits in forex trading but there is one way of trading that is known to give you a 90% chance of winning. It’s not a secret it’s a well known fact, so here it is: If you buy forex options you have a 90% chance of losing money. If of course, you take the opposite view and sell the option to the buyer you have a 90% chance of winning if you hold the option to expiry. Simple? Yes and no. If you do this, you must be aware that the option buyer has limited risk and unlimited profit, you on the other hand will have unlimited risk with limited profit. You have the odds but if you are selling premium and wanting to make money you need to be mindful of the risk. If you are, you can make fantastic profits over time with the odds firmly in your favor. Here is what you need to consider. 1. Be well capitalized So you can spread your risk across several areas and have money in reserve to ride out short term volatility. You need to be able to ride price spikes so this is no place for small or under capitalized traders who don’t have a method that works already they are confident in, 2. Use time decay The closer the option is to expiry the more chance you have to make money as time decay starts to destroy premium. 3. Use out the money options You can use out of the money options and sell them a long way from the strike price if you are doing options that have some time value on them. 4. Check for huge quick price moves These are the ones that you need sell into greed when volatility is high and premiums skew to unrealistic levels and then sell. If you can sell into greed and fear when prices spike and have a system you are confident in to time your entry you will make a lot of money. The real pro’s sell option premium and you can to. You have the odds in your favor but as with any trading you need to be careful of the risk and have strict money management. This is a strategy that will work for you and as a general rule when I have met options traders it is the sellers not the buyers who make the big gains over the longer term.
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